Livers Don’t Make Noise (but they can fall out)

I had lunch with some friends today, but arrived late because Reggie was sick. Reggie has a permanent liver-related health problem, so Reggie gets sick a lot.

Once I reached the restaurant, my friends wanted to hear the gory details about Reggie and I explained how I could hear his insides “gurgling,” but I wasn’t sure [...]

A bit nippy, ay?

After a record setting heat spell this summer, it got cold fast. When Reggie and I went for our walk tonight it was already 48 degrees Fahrenheit! It’s not even October yet. Who turned off the heat?

It is actually superior sleep weather. I sleep better when I can snuggle under blankets and comforters instead of [...]


Does anyone else get the feeling that episodes 1 and 2 of the second season of Lost were originally slated to be one two-hour episode? Did ABC executives change their minds and tell the producers they couldn’t have a two-hour episode after all and to reshuffle? I don’t remember the show ever overlapping the timeframe [...]

Retail Blogs

The other day I posted about Google’s new blog search service. I think this is a great service, but I’m disappointed with what I’ve seen. Not with Google, but what I’ve seen in the search results.

After watching Bride & Prejudice I went to Google’s blog search to see what others had blogged about the movie. [...]


We learned this morning that my aunt and uncle are evacuating their home north of Houston. We haven’t gotten a hold of a cousin that lives 90 miles east of Houston up the coast. These relatives are from different sides of my family so they don’t know each other well enough to keep in touch. [...]

Marshall Field’s No More?

Marshall Field’s = Macy’s?

No! This is Chicago, not New York City! But, the new owner of Marshall Field’s wants to change the name to Macy’s in 2006. What about the Field’s green bags? What about Field’s State Street building that survived the Chicago Fire? What about Field’s green clocks? What about the famous Norman Rockwell [...]

How do you speak American?

Apparently, I don’t speak American like my Midwestern neighbors; but since I’m a displaced Southerner, I already knew that. Not sure what these divisions are: Midwestern vs. Upper Midwestern? Where are these geographically? And in broadcast terms, General American English is Midwestern. Hum? At least, I speak more Dixie than Yankee! That’s a relief.

Here’s how [...]

Well, shiver me timbers…

It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Ahoy mateys and swab the deck! Avast me hearties, polish yer wooden leg and shine that eye patch, we’ve got some sunken treasure to scrounge!

Sorry, I can’t keep up the pirate dialogue (and don’t want to either), but I will, to keep somewhat on theme, mention my favorite pirate movies:

The [...]


The Chicago Bears won their football game today against the Detroit Lions. Yes, I know this is a shock, but they really did win, and win big. This means that those of us living in Chicago-land will be hearing about the Bears impending triumphant march to the Super Bowl for the rest of this week.

You [...]

4:57 A.M.

Reggie struck again. Woke me up at 4:57 A.M. this time—13 minutes later than our nightly adventure a few days ago. This is very unusual for Reggie, but two things might be causing it.

Reg has a permanent liver-related health problem and is on medication and special dog food. Unfortunately, his regular food is on back [...]