Marshall Field’s No More?

Marshall Field’s = Macy’s?

No! This is Chicago, not New York City! But, the new owner of Marshall Field’s wants to change the name to Macy’s in 2006. What about the Field’s green bags? What about Field’s State Street building that survived the Chicago Fire? What about Field’s green clocks? What about the famous Norman Rockwell painting of those Field’s clocks? What about the Field’s Christmas windows? “Macy’s windows” means something very different. Will they be Macy’s clocks or will they take them down?

Yes, a name is just a name, but this is a name uniquely identified with Chicago. Apparently the new owners, Cincinnati-based Federated Department Stores, Inc., wants to use the name Macy’s so they’ll have a nationwide-footprint. So? Why not make it part of the Macy’s chain, but leave the name? Does having one name really give them better buying clout to stock their stores? I don’t know that I want to shop at Macy’s in Chicago. That’s my buying clout!

I guess I can’t meet you under the Field’s clock anymore. Say it isn’t so Joe.

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