Drip-Drop Halloween

If any Chicagoans missed the fact that today was Halloween, all they had to do was look out a window. It was raining! In case you missed it, we had a drought here in the Midwest this summer—a bad one. But, today being Halloween and with rain forecast for late evening, it of course started [...]

Typepad Upgrades

FYI: Due to upgrades going on with Typepad/Sixapart some features, such as posting comments, will not be available for a few hours each evening.

Sorry, nothing I can do about it, but they claim it will be finished soon.


I went to a Halloween party today and got to see the trains my friends set up in their backyard. Here are just a few of the pictures I took.

As the next picture shows, the night was not without some excitement. I’m not sure if you can tell from the pictures, but Snoopy [...]

Changing the Clocks

In a few minutes I’ll start changing the clocks. You know the routine: Spring ahead, Fall back. (We’ll see if I get this right when I actually do it.)

Earlier this year, when we “sprang ahead” I was recovering from oral surgery. I was on a medication that had to be taken every 6 hours and [...]

E-mail Invasion

I’m still being bombarded by virus-infected emails. They weren’t able to fix the server last night with anti-virus software and now have to fix it manually. They didn’t say, but I’m assuming that means tonight.

Fortunately anti-virus software is still protecting my computer and my files, but this is really, really, really, really annoying! [...]

Honey, How Was Your Day?

All but one of the following happened to me today:

I got an unexpected, unexplained IRS refund
I received 100s of virus infected emails
I visited the bank to pay my property tax
I went downtown for Sox worshipping

Which of the above is NOT true?

non-CHICAGO White Sox

The city of Chicago has announced that the celebration parade and ceremony for the World Series Champs will be tomorrow, Friday, not Monday as originally planned and scheduled. Is this because everyone is eager to celebrate and drool over the players? No, of course not.

The reason for the change:

“…because a lot of the [...]

Los Angeles Saints?

I just read that the NFL might move the New Orleans Saints football team to Los Angeles if rebuilding efforts fail in New Orleans. Wow! Another slap for poor New Orleans! They’ve barely started drying out, let alone re-building, and the NFL is looking at a bigger city, which of course, is a bigger cash [...]


In mid-August I had lengthy discussions with the local garbage company who was threatening to stop my service because I was behind in payments. In reality, as opposed to their fictional dump, I wasn’t behind and I had the cancelled check as proof. But it took them three days to get this resolved. They [...]

World Champs

The White Sox just won the World Series sweeping the Houston Astros in four games! Eighty-eight years in the making! Congrats to the team!

Next year: Cubs!!