Never Enough!

Some DVDs I ordered recently arrived today. Among them, Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow. I haven’t watched this movie in a long, long time and suspect I’ve forgotten enough to enjoy it anew.

Two adaptations of Emma were released very close together in 1996. This movie version with Paltrow and the other Emma adaptation, a TV-based mini-series. I remember discussing the two with friends and we picked them apart to "create" our own adaptation. We wanted actors A, B, and C from the movie with actors Y and Z from the mini-series. And we mostly liked script 1, but we also wanted to include select scenes from script 2.

In other words, neither production completely pleased any of us; just like the debates going on now about the Pride and Prejudice adaptations. The point, I think, is that no adaptation of any Jane Austen book is ever going to please all of us, most of us, or, even, one of us. ;-)  The books are too near and dear for any adaptation to be perfect in all areas.

BUT…that shouldn’t keep them from trying!!!! Bring them on!!!! We want more Jane! 

We’ll show up and critique and enjoy and have a great time tearing them apart, um, I mean, discussing them! We want more Jane!!

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  • I *adore* Jeremy Northam in the Paltrow version. If you watch him even when he’s in the background, it’s so interesting watching his reactions.
    That’s the only version I’ve yet seen, believe it or not! Which version do you recommend I try next?
    I also just received Austen, via the Deep Discount sale! I finally got the BBC version of SENSE AND SENSIBILITY. I watched Part 1 when I was in London on a college trip in Jan. ‘81 and have never seen the rest of it!! A quarter-century later I can finish it, LOL.

  • I don’t know that I’ve ever watched any of the earlier BBC productions–the ones from the ’70s ?80s?–except for the Garvie P&P. (Pretty funny considering I’m claiming there’s never enough! Maybe I better watch those early ones!) 25 years! That’s a long wait! Let me know if you like it.
    It’s been so long since I saw either of the 1996 EMMAs (Paltrow or Beckinsale)…that I don’t remember a whole lot about either. I’m pretty sure we liked the Paltrow version better, but there were a few things done better in the Beckinsale version. I’ll have to re-watch to see what I thought those where. Sorry I’m not more help.

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