Early Christmas

My family all came over today and we celebrated an early Christmas. We usually don’t get together this early, but it was a lot of fun (once all the prep work was finished). Everyone had a great time; except Reggie.

I won’t be crass and tell you the gifts I got, it’s not that there were tons of them but there are more than enough and I will say I’m blessed and happy. I’ll also mention the lovely poinsettia my brother and sister-in-law brought with them. I have it sitting on an end table near the Christmas tree. And I must mention the gorgeous holiday centerpiece made with holly and evergreens that a friend / co-worker sent. We enjoyed it all through our Christmas dinner. Both were such a surprise and just wonderful! Thank you! (I took some pictures and hope to post them tomorrow.)

It’s odd celebrating two days before Christmas. I actually went to a bookstore this evening, all mellow and calm as my shopping is completely finished, and walked around listening to people on their cell phones. "Do you think Joe will like …?" "Well, should I get … for Sally?" I won’t feel so contented tomorrow when I try to write all my Christmas cards in one day–they’ve been neglected in place of getting the house ready!

And now, I’m completely exhausted. There are probably tons of typos in this, but I’m too tired to see them. I’ll have to post pictures and an explanation of Reggie’s displeasure when I’m more alert.

Merry Christmas!

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