Blanking with the Stars

If you lived in the U.S. this summer you had a hard time not hearing about ABC’s out-of-the-blue smash hit "Dancing with the Stars." The concept of the show, started in the U.K., was B-list celebrities dancing with professional ballroom dancers in a live competition spread over several weeks. I never really watched the show, but did see bits and pieces of it. What made it work was that some of these celebrities really, really worked to become half-way decent dancers. Some were good enough to watch!

Over the last few weeks I’ve seen ads for the second installment of "Dancing with the Stars," but today I saw a different ad…"Skating with Celebrities." Fox, who likes to copy shows from other networks, has decided to one up ABC. Six champion figure skaters will pair up with six B- (C??) list celebrities. Can you say "ouch!" This seems tougher than dancing, but maybe they’ll water the skating down to no throws or no lifts–but that would be boring! They also have a problem that some of the skaters are singles champions and others are pairs champions–if they don’t water it down, some teams already have a major edge. My money is on Canadian pair skater Lloyd Eisler and his celeb partner Kristy Swanson. Doesn’t really matter who his partner is, he’s the best male pair skater in the group and that has to be the biggest edge. (I sure wouldn’t want to be a female skater being tossed or spun by celebrity! Dangerou!!!)

Here’s hoping that "Aerial Skiing with Self-Inflated Egos," "Luging with Losers," or  "H.O.R.S.E. with Has Beens" do not appear anytime soon! However, John O’Hurley could probably make any of them interesting and probably boost his career even further than "Dancing" did!

4 comments to Blanking with the Stars

  • Brasseur & Eisler were one of my favorite pairs teams. This is one reality series I might actually have to watch :). Thanks for the tip!

  • Yes, the first episode will be telling–interesting or a joke? I wonder where Brasseur is these days.
    But promise me you won’t watch H.O.R.S.E. with Has Beens!!! ;-)

  • They had an Australian version of the ice skating one - they trained them up and had them perform in a show of Disney on Ice. Was pretty funny. Altho one of the “stars” broke his leg at one point.. oops.. :)

  • Ouch! A little too much reality. I guess every country has its share of “dim stars!” Or should I say “dimming stars?”

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