De-Clutter Incentive

Need a little motivation to get rid of some of that clutter in your abode…help somebody else move. There’s always one more thing to load on the van, so start throwing now before you decide to move!

Nuff said, off to toss.

Where Were You?

When I was in junior high school one of my social studies teachers, we’ll call him Mr. T-man, told us exactly where he was and exactly what he was doing when he heard that President Kennedy had been assassinated. Mr. T-man also told us exactly where he was and what he was doing when the [...]

Cross Dressers

Yes, cross dressers, but probably not the kind you are thinking of. This is for all you Janeites, Trekkies, or Star War fans (isn’t there a nickname for Star War fans?).

Anyway, too funny! Go to this link and then select “Galactic Jane Austen.” Be prepared to laugh! (And be sure to scroll past the first [...]

Ode for a Name

Clarence House says that Prince might join the Blues and Royals in Iraq.

Confused? Let me decipher: The Prince of Wales, a.k.a. Prince Charles, who lives at Clarence House in London, has announced that his youngest son, Prince Harry, will be joining–after he graduates from military school–the Household Cavalry, a.k.a. the Blues and Royals, and that [...]

Up Close-Revealed

The other day I teased you with some "up close" pictures. I think it’s well past time to reveal the answers.

First, in case you’ve forgotten the images, here’s a repeat of the up close pictures:


Click the link below for the reveal.

Snow Pics

Even though I did not enjoy driving home in last Friday night’s snow storm, I did enjoy the beauty Saturday morning. While I was outside shoveling, I snapped a few pics. (By the way, my friend E. E. Knight did the same. His pictures are here.) Below and in the extended blog are my pics. [...]

Oh Well. Sigh.

I had a lovely, sarcastic, poetic, sweetly, ranting blog for this evening…

…then I found out I was wrong. I had to delete the blog before I could even post. It was all about hot dog buns and the postal service, but…poof…it’s gone. I admit defeat.

And what am I left with? A night that winter returned [...]

From the Land of Dumb Comments

"Skating is very, very hard, possibly even harder than hoofing,…"

No! You think?

Of all things, that’s a quote from a Chicago Tribune mini-review of a new Fox television show called "Skating with Celebrities." As previously mentioned here, "Skating" appears to be a "copy" of ABC’s "Dancing with the Stars"–thus the skating/hoofer comparison in the quote. [...]

The Others

Finally! Finally LOST seems to be re-achieving last season’s winning form! It’s taken way too long, but finally some good episodes, but still some problems:

Why would anyone take Sawyer/James out into the jungle on a search and rescue effort? He’s been shot, he’s weak, he slows down Jack and Locke, but by all means, bring [...]

PBS Updates

Hum. PBS on iPod? Sense and Sensibility on PBS? Oprah’s Masterpiece Theater? No mention of Foyle’s War? Definitely a mix of good and bad. Hum.

Read all about it here.