Traveling These United States

Bleh. Spent much of last night in the bathroom. Most of this morning and afternoon in bed. Plus lots of this evening curled under a blanket watching TV. Bleh. But I did manage to play with this map some. I’ve seen it or similar maps on other blogs and decided to give it a try. The red states are the ones I’ve visited or been to at least once.


Create your own personalized map of the USA (NOTE: To make this fit, I had to crop the source map. Hawaii and Alaska are not shown; I have not been to either state.)

I’m not sure if this is completely accurate or fair. I’m not sure if it’s accurate because I can’t remember if I ever went to Mississippi or the Carolinas during my childhood. I’m certain the rest is accurate. I’m not sure if it’s fair, because some of these states I’ve only been to because I had to drive through them to get where I was going. But driving through a state can take a lot of time, think of the east or west drive through Nebraska, and as long as you’re paying attention, you do see a lot.

I’m actually surprised by how much red there is on this map! If I’d had to mark where I’d been in each state, there would be a lot less red! Someday I want to travel more and see more of these United States (and other parts of the world)!



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