Poor Reggie, Again (Update 3)

Because of Reggie’s recent recurrence of bladder stones,  the vets did some research about changing his diet. He’s already on a prescription diet because of his liver problem. Some of you pet owners probably know about these prescription diets, there’s a whole line of them. LD, KD, UD, GD, SD, etc. A regular alphabet soup [...]

Notflix (Update)

I have one friend that subscribes to Netflix and he confirmed that he’s probably being "throttled" as previously blogged about here. He also confirmed another reason to Notflix: when you sign up for a 1 DVD subscription or 2 or 3 DVD subscription–they really mean DVD, not title.

So that means if you want to rent [...]


That’s the word of the day. Blah. Blah. Blah. And for several reasons, including the fact that I already typed this and accidently deleted it! BLAH!

Then the dampness turned to rain. Not just rain, but RAIN.

And I learned this morning that a friend’s grandmother passed away. My thoughts and prayers are with chats_noirs and her [...]

Poor Reggie, Again (update 2)

Reggie continues to improve. He slept through the night–thankfully as we both needed the sleep. He got up this morning long enough to go out and eat a bit of breakfast, then returned to bed and slept until 5′ish! (He got out of bed only three times: 1. I went out to get the paper, [...]


Bummer! I discovered today that season 4 of Foyle’s War is only going to be two episodes! NOOOO!!! We need four episodes like every other season!!! How can they do this two us? Of course, we don’t even know yet if PBS will show these episodes and if they do they’ll chop ‘em up in [...]

What’s Up with Lloyd and Kristy?

Ever since I blogged about Skating with Celebrities, I’ve been getting hits from people searching Lloyd Eisler and Kristy Swanson who have been paired for this TV show. But these aren’t just hits looking for information about their skating (or lack there of) or for pictures or for biographical information or for their zodiac signs [...]

Poor Reggie, Again (update)

Reggie is home from the vets. The good news is that no surgery was needed! YAY!!! He’s feeling pretty good this evening, but has that hacking, gagging cough from the gas used to knock him out.

The bad news is that they weren’t able to flush out all the stones. So we’ll have to keep [...]

Poor Reggie, Again

Last June Reggie, my Miniature Schnauzer, had emergency surgery to remove stones in his bladder. The stones, about the size of baby peas, were getting stuck in his urinary tract. Not being able to urinate is a life-threatening condition for a dog, particularly a small one. Six to eight hours is all it takes. The [...]

Netflix or Notflix?

When Netflix started out a few years ago it never crossed my mind to sign up for their service. If I remember correctly, the cost was $19+ per month. There’s no way I spend that much renting movies in a month–probably not even in few months. But a while back a friend told me Nexflix’s [...], Dude

So last night I brain dumbed about the latest LOST episode. I mentioned that Hurley is seen reading the manuscript for Bad Twin by Gary Troup.

Dude, want to read what Hurley was reading? The book is suddenly available on

Since Amazon likes to let people see inside the books they sale, I decided to [...]