Netflix or Notflix?

When Netflix started out a few years ago it never crossed my mind to sign up for their service. If I remember correctly, the cost was $19+ per month. There’s no way I spend that much renting movies in a month–probably not even in few months. But a while back a friend told me Nexflix’s prices had changed and there were cheaper options. Still, it seemed a little expensive to me and I don’t rent that many movies in a month.

I also don’t like some of the antics of Netflix as a company. For example, it was just a few years ago that they got into trouble for providing inaccurate information to stockholders. It seems they were only reporting new subscriber numbers and neglecting to report how many people were dropping the service. Oops. Makes a big difference.

But still people were suggesting it (strange how most of them were thinking about joining, but only a few were actually members themselves), so just this week I looked up Netflix on the Internet. The $9.99 monthly fee is for one movie at a time, but unlimited movies for the month. Just return the movie and a new one is sent ASAP to replace it…as many times as you want. How funny that today in the mail I got an unsolicited Netflix flyer.

BUT…then this afternoon, good buddy Laura posted about another misdeed by Netflix. Seems they are "throttling" their "heaviest" users. In other words, the faster you return a movie…the slower Netflix will send you a replacement. New users, users that keep movies for a while, and users that don’t try to see "unlimited" movies, get faster service and the most popular releases. Read all about it here.

Netflix or Notflix; maybe not.

2 comments to Netflix or Notflix?

  • Eric

    We were netflix subscribers for a couple of months. Someone in the post office kept stealing our movies (about one out of three or four disappeared) and Netflix cancelled our subscription — too many movies disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
    Every now and then Netflix sends us stuff asking us to rejoin. But why would they want a couple of confirmed movie thieves back?

  • Ouch! Another reason to Notflix!

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