Poor Reggie, Again

Last June Reggie, my Miniature Schnauzer, had emergency surgery to remove stones in his bladder. ReggieandballThe stones, about the size of baby peas, were getting stuck in his urinary tract. Not being able to urinate is a life-threatening condition for a dog, particularly a small one. Six to eight hours is all it takes. The surgery took care of everything and we got through a difficult recovery period, but…

I took Reggie back to vets today because I thought it might be starting again. They took x-rays and sure enough, there were five to seven little stones in his bladder. This time we caught it sooner and the stones are smaller, but they are probably the same type as last time and that means they won’t dissolve.

Tomorrow morning I’ll take Reg back to the vets early in the morning. They are going to try to flush the stones out of his bladder. If this doesn’t work, he’ll probably have another surgery. I’m praying they’ll be able to flush them out!

The problem is most likely his diet. Unfortunately, he’s on a special prescription diet because of his liver condition and I don’t know if we can change it. I don’t think he can continue going through this every six to seven months, so I hope we can find a solution with a diet that will be okay for the liver condition and stop the bladder stones.

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