Family Affairs

My uncle is visiting from Houston. We don’t get to see him as often as we used to, so it’s wonderful to spend time with him again. He’s taken my father geocaching and they found a few treasures. As you might guess, one of the things we’ve done is talk about years past…stories when we were all younger. Some of the stories about us kids are pretty funny, particularly for the new young ones to hear.

There was the time we were in Houston and we four cousins were playing in the back, upstairs bedroom. I don’t remember what we were up to, but it was something we weren’t supposed to be doing–like playing a game instead of getting ready for bed. We were having a great time when my aunt showed up and told us to stop. Then, instead of waiting to see if we followed directions, she left and my cousins announced, "She didn’t mean it," so we kept at it. A little later my mother appeared in the doorway and told us to stop. Just like my aunt, she left without waiting to see if we obeyed. Taking a cue from our cousins, my brother and I announced, "She didn’t mean it," and we continued without pause. You’ve probably noticed a few trends emerging here–and yes, my aunt came back and again told us to stop and again left. This time my cousins said, "She meant it." We packed up whatever we’d been doing and moved on to some other mischief.

Then there was the visits to my grandparents’ retirement home. We cousins ran around that place like wild stallions in a stampede–it’s surprising my grandparents didn’t get kicked out! One time two of us got caught in a flooded stairwell and some little old lady had to "rescue" us. My aunt was forever reminding us that this was a retirement home for the elderly and we shouldn’t be running in the halls–so we’d go up to the roof. She claimed we were going to make her hair turn gray. Sadly, my aunt died a few years ago, but we have these and other stories, plus the sound of her voice in our hearts.

I wish my family wasn’t so scattered around the country. I wish we didn’t have to be so busy, making it difficult to see each other. I am thankful for what we have, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting more.

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  • My sister is in Nashville, my brother in Williamsburg, Va, and my parents live 90 minutes from me, near Dayton.
    I see my parents fairly often now, but it’s rare that we’re all together.

  • I, for one, vote for life slowing down! I want to stop rushing, rushing, rushing and start enjoying more constantly!

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