An Apple a Day …

… keeps the iPod battery at bay!

Microsoft has been pounded this past week for delaying the release of the next version of Windows. Personally, I don’t care when they release it, I’ll hold off upgrading until absolutely necessary. But at least Microsoft admitted it!

On the other hand there is Apple Computer. Good ole Apple who for years made false claims about the "life" in the batteries in their iPods. Within weeks of buying my 3rd generation iPod I knew the so-called six-hour battery life was more like three hours; TOPS. I sent the puppy back in for warranty repairs and there it was back at my door the very next day with a pre-printed scrap of paper claiming my iPod’s battery was "within acceptable standards." Yeah, just who’s standards were those? Not mine! And not thousands, maybe millions, of other iPod owners.

So when Apple lost a class-action suit about these batteries, I jumped aboard. I have been eligible for other class-action suits, but I never participated because I felt they were frivolous. But Apple deserved this one.

I sent my claim last August, but still haven’t seen a cent or acknowledgment of any kind. Apple didn’t include contact information in the claim forms. Apple doesn’t have a website explaining the delays to their customers. Apple’s playing dirty and I’m sick of it. According to this website, all appeals have been lost and Apple must start settling claims in the next few weeks, but I’ll believe it when I see it. (Or just watch, they’ll mark it deficient for some reason!)

So kudos to Microsoft for being upfront. And way to be a rotten apple, Apple.

(To bad I’m half asleep, or I’d really tell you what I think about this!)

2 comments to An Apple a Day …

  • Just this week I moved to XP — it came on the new notebook.
    I normally wait a while before upgrading and don’t like to change things that are working. It’s part of that stodgy-old-man thing I’ve got working.
    Companywide we still have PCs running Windows 3.x (test benches that run a single task)
    And one PC running DOS 6.x only. (Again, a test bench.)
    We’re concerned that moving these older OS’s to something newer might break the apps we need.

  • That’s kind of funny because I finally gave in and upgraded in order to run the apps I needed–the opposite of your reasoning.
    I never feel the need to be bleeding- or leading-edge with software!

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