United 93

Several times the past few days I’ve thought about the lack of decent movies in the theaters. I went to several movies late last year and early this year, but nothing since mid January. Why? Because nothing seems worth seeing. Some friends left a message tonight with the same idea…"we should go to a movie, [...]

Movies vs. Life

I saw the following over at Kazza’s blog, but don’t know where she got it from.

SUPPOSEDLY if you’ve seen over 90 movies, you have no life. Mark the ones you’ve seen. There are 191 movies on this list. Put your score at the bottom and repost.

( ) Rocky Horror Picture Show (x) Grease (x) [...]

Flag Saving!

Thirty years ago today Chicago Cub Rick Monday rescued an American flag! I remember that day–do you?

Two people ran onto the field at Dodger Stadium, unfurled the American flag, doused it in fluid, and tried to set it on fire. Rick Monday ran across the field and snatched the flag away from them. The event [...]

Top 50 Film Adaptations

In Great Britain, the Guardian has published a list of the top 50 film adaptations. Check out their article here (I don’t know how long this link will remain accessible).

It strikes me as a poorly written article, for example, who are these "experts" that created this list? The article only identifies one "expert." And some [...]

You WILL Watch Commercials!

Did your hear that Philips, a.k.a., Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands, has filed for a patent on technology that will force televisions viewers to watch commercials! You can read about it here, but in summary, the technology will allow broadcasters to freeze a channel while a commercial is playing! Apparently Philips knew this probably [...]

Ode to Sheets

I went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond today to buy a new fitted bed sheet. Ugh! most of the sheets now come in sets! I didn’t want a set, just the fitted sheet. It seems to me that most bed sheets in the past where usually sold individually, with a few being offered in sets. [...]


Here’s Cara, a friend’s new puppy. Isn’t she a cutie! She’s a Jack Russell Terrier and Beagle mix. I could tell that Cara was very bright, very sweet, and teething–she’s in that chewing stage. What a joyful friend. And definitely a keeper!

You Know You’re A Chicagoan (Part 2)

A brief continuation of our series:

You Know You’re A Chicagoan if…

You’ve had to use the furnace and the air conditioning in the same day!

Yep, we’re in that season now, and I’ll just add this other weather-related sign of a Chicagoan…

You’ve experienced brilliant sunshine, blinding rain, plus sleet, hail, and/or snow in one day (probably while [...]

West Wing Twist

I had a nice long blog planned for tonight, but other things got in the way. Instead, some news for West Wing watchers. Turns out last night election results didn’t go as originally planned. I don’t want to be a spoiler, so click the link the read more.

Wha-whah-wha Whah

Reggie’s a smart dog and understands a lot of words. But occasionally when I talk to him and he smiles at me and wags his tail…I can’t help thinking that to him, I’m just an adult in a Charlie Brown world.