Mother of the Year?

You’ve probably heard by now…seems impossible to miss thanks to the media…that Bradgelina had a baby. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been hiding out in Africa to avoid the media and have the baby there. A few days after the baby’s birth Bradgelina donated $300,000 to Namibia hospitals and $15,000 to local schools (I [...]


Things have been crazy and sad lately, so although I started several blogs last week, I didn’t finish or post them until tonight. Scroll down to see the new entries. (My favorite is the art glass blog on May 22, but it isn’t the most important post.)


We had a sad Memorial Day Weekend in my neighborhood because my next-door neighbor died in her sleep. She’s had a lot of health problems, but this was a terrible shock. Mardi and her family have lived here for ages and she touched a lot of people with her loving and nurturing behavior. We’re all [...]

The Family Stone

I watched The Family Stone movie after a few people told me it was better than they expected. That, of course, is a dangerous recommendation. It doesn’t mean the movie was great. It doesn’t mean the movie was good. It also doesn’t mean the movie was bad. It simply means the movie was better than [...]

Horowitz Update on Foyle’s War

Anthony Horowitz shared very disappointing news during the radio interview I mentioned earlier…he will soon be writing the last three episodes of Foyle’s War. Since season 4 has already run in the U.K. and season 5 is currently being filmed…I’m guessing his revelation means season 6 will be the last. Total bummer. I guess if [...]


A simple, yet elegantly accurate, review of Elizabethtown: Ugh. Worst movie I’ve seen in a long time. Better referred to as phlegm than film. Bleh.

I mean could the acting have been any more contrived and over-the-top? Could the script have been more superficial? Could the southern stereotypes have been any thicker?

Warning: Don’t bother with this [...]

Reggie’s Surgery

Reggie had another minor surgery yesterday to remove stones from his bladder and to have his teeth cleaned. He’s doing pretty well today, but is very tired and in some discomfort. At least he doesn’t have stitches and doesn’t have to wear his e-collar (a.k.a., the cone-head collar, satellite-dish head collar, or bobble-head collar).

Fortunately, the [...]

Glass Weekend

The past few days I’ve been attending a class taught by Michael Dupille on Glass Mold Making for Kiln Casting. I’ve been doing art glass work, ranging from mosaics, stained glass, hot glass beads, and kiln work, for the past few years, but this was my first experience making molds. Unfortunately, I don’t have as [...]

Can We Talk?

A cellphone almost killed a child today…I saw the event with my very own eyes. There were two boys riding their bikes and two cars and one cellphone. I drove the second car, a bit back from the action, and had a clear view.

Only, it wasn’t the car drivers with the cellphones…it was one of [...]

Road to ???

Now is it just me or is this weird?

There’s a television show called Bones. It’s not the greatest show…too much fake crime scene technology, too many bad actors past the leads, too much weak writing; so don’t worry if you don’t know what I’m talking about. (NO! I know that poor TV shows are not [...]