Can We Talk?

A cellphone almost killed a child today…I saw the event with my very own eyes. There were two boys riding their bikes and two cars and one cellphone. I drove the second car, a bit back from the action, and had a clear view.

Only, it wasn’t the car drivers with the cellphones…it was one of the boys on the bike. He was steering with one hand and holding the cellphone to his ear with the other hand. A really bad combination while turning a corner and he came very close to weaving right in front of the other car.

Lucky for the kid with his hand, ear, attention, and possibly brain glued to the phone…the other driver and I were paying attention. So cellphone-biker-boy lives to have another conversation.

Good grief!

2 comments to Can We Talk?

  • I’ve seen kids on bikes with phones … I don’t get it.
    I was never a big phone talker, even in my youth. Most of my calls went, “I’m on my way. I should be there in a minute.”

  • Maybe the kids are more chatty these days or maybe the parents are more indulgent.

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