Reggie’s Surgery

Reggie had another minor surgery yesterday to remove stones from his bladder and to have his teeth cleaned. He’s doing pretty well today, but is very tired and in some discomfort. At least he doesn’t have stitches and doesn’t have to wear his e-collar (a.k.a., the cone-head collar, satellite-dish head collar, or bobble-head collar).

Fortunately, the next few days look to be fairly quiet and we can relax around the house while he recovers! (Maybe I’ll get the mess cleaned up…then again, maybe not.)

2 comments to Reggie’s Surgery

  • tina

    could you tell me how to get a mini schnauzer to stop licking his beard? it messes up his look thanks for the info…

  • My Schnauzer seems to only lick his beard after eating. This usually makes the beard look better. His beard typically looks worse after he drinks water, plays in a wet yard, or licks other body parts. Can’t really stop most of that. Hope you find what you are looking for. :-)

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