A simple, yet elegantly accurate, review of Elizabethtown: Ugh. Worst movie I’ve seen in a long time. Better referred to as phlegm than film. Bleh.

I mean could the acting have been any more contrived and over-the-top? Could the script have been more superficial? Could the southern stereotypes have been any thicker?

Warning: Don’t bother with this phlegm!!!!!!!

Favorite line: Oh please! A quote from this movie would be asking for a miracle!

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  • Our neighbor across the street is in movie set construction and spent a couple months in Kentucky on this. We were disappointed it got such poor reviews after hearing about it from him — we still haven’t seen it! TTYS, Laura

  • Well…don’t hurt yourself in the strain to avoid this movie! Watch something else the neighbor worked on…it has to be better! ;-)

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