Mother of the Year?

You’ve probably heard by now…seems impossible to miss thanks to the media…that Bradgelina had a baby. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been hiding out in Africa to avoid the media and have the baby there. A few days after the baby’s birth Bradgelina donated $300,000 to Namibia hospitals and $15,000 to local schools (I think I have that right). A nice gesture on their part.

But last night CNN ran a poll to see if Angelina should be named "Mother of the Year." What?!?!?! Because she hid from the media and then donated $315,000? CNN thinks that’s what makes a good mother? No wonder CNN is screwed up and sinking  in the ratings like a caught dead-beat parent!

Note to CNN: Where one has a baby and no matter how much or how little one donates…does NOT a mother make! Let’s select good mothers based on their love, nurturing, caring, guiding, etc., of their children. Not their outwardly (possibly self-centered, attention grabbing) behavior!

And, while we’re talking, $315,000 to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is chump change! Please, they probably make more than that for one sneeze in just one movie at their rates! I’d be better impressed if they’d made a donation more worthy of their incomes. And how much did they pay the American doctor they flew down to Namibia just for the birth? Probably a similar amount; ugh.

Mother of the year? Ha!!!!

2 comments to Mother of the Year?

  • Let’s see. Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston.
    Brad and Angelina made a movie together and then Brad divorced Jennifer and married Angelina. Wait. Are they married. (I really don’t keep up.)
    In any case, it would seem that Angelina came between a married man and his wife. And I know, who is to say what kind of problems Brad and Jennefer may have been having — maybe some, maybe none … I live thousands of miles away and am not in the Hollywook loop … but it seems to smell a little.
    And she’s up for mother of the year? Shouldn’t there be something said for setting a good example for children?

  • Apparently that didn’t matter to CNN…at least, not as much as the $300,000. I changed the channel without waiting to see how the poll turned out, so maybe other people found this as incredulous as you and I did. Let’s hope!

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