Fancy Free

Life has been crazy busy with work deadlines and my company’s fiscal year-end. But today everything wrapped up! I feel like two burdens have rolled off my shoulders and to quote the wonderful Irving Berlin:

No strings and no connections,No ties to my affections,I’m fancy free and free for anything fancy.*

I hope to do little and [...]

Rabbit, Rabbit

Well knock me over with a feather! Or maybe a rabbit’s foot is more fitting. About 8:00 tonight, as the sun began to set, I looked out my front door. There, not three feet from me, was a rabbit sitting on my walk–directly in front of the door! I’ve never seen a rabbit sitting that [...]

I’ve Been Tagged

Laura has tagged me with the Wikipedia Meme. I’m supposed to search my birth date (without the discriminating year) at Wikipedia and list two people who share my birthday and one person that died on that date.

But why, I ask? I was born on November 19, does it matter who else was? My birth is [...]

Chicago Bean Dip

I started this post the other day and was going to accent it with pictures posted on Flickr, but got foiled in the process. Flickr is now owned by Yahoo!. So to get a Flickr account, you have to sign up for Yahoo!. I have a Yahoo! account, but never use it and it isn’t [...]

Walk the Line Website

A few months ago I posted about the enjoyable movie Walk the Line. Today, in-between testing payroll software and work, I stumbled on the updated website for Walk the Line. This updated site includes clips from the extras on the DVDs. Several of the clips are interesting enough that I regret not getting the [...]

The Eyes of Reggie

Reggie had an early morning appointment today at an animal eye specialist (good grief!). He asked me to go with him for company. I pointed out that I had to go to drive and pay for the visit. He just sat down and wagged his tail.

Terriers, and Schnauzers in particular, are prone to eye problems [...]

Very Scary

Is this not completely frightening? Connie over the edge. Very freaky!

Has there been any explanation? And wasn’t there another clip floating around just the other day of her taking a nasty pot shot at Maury?

Trouble in TV world?

The River King

I picked up the DVD for The River King, almost by accident. I didn’t know anything about it, but based on the back cover discovered it was a mystery and starred Jennifer Ehle. It’s a decent movie with a lot of plot twists…right up to the end when, even though we discover the outcome, you’re [...]

Bye Whimper

Heat and humidity. The catch phrases for the weekend that has just departed. High heat. High humidity. Thought of the weekend: I’m melting; I’m melting!

I meant to post reviews of the latest two movies I’ve seen, The Lake House and The River King, but TypePad is a bit twitchy this evening, so those will have [...]

West Wing’s Margaret

My favorite characters on the recently departed West Wing were the secretaries/assistants. Honestly, were any of the "upper" staff as fun or as interesting as Margaret, Donna, Mrs. Landingham*, or Debbie? They stole all their scenes.

Here’s an entertaining interview with NiCole Robinson, the actress that made us love Margaret. Enjoy!

Hat tip: Laura

*Is that spelled correctly?