Chicago Bean Dip

I started this post the other day and was going to accent it with pictures posted on Flickr, but got foiled in the process. Flickr is now owned by Yahoo!. So to get a Flickr account, you have to sign up for Yahoo!. I have a Yahoo! account, but never use it and it isn’t in the name Missyisms. When I tried to sign up for Yahoo! with Missyisms as the ID, I was told some yahoo had taken that ID.

How rude is that! I don’t want to have a blog with one name and a Flickr account with another. Ugh. So, I’m thinking about ways to get around this. In the meantime, this post was originally about my trip to Chicago on Saturday. It went as follows:

Today I had a flying visit past Chicago’s newest public art. You might have heard of it? The Bean. a.k.a., The Cloud Gate. I’ve posted about it before here, but this was the first time I’ve see the Bean up close and uncovered.

I only had a few minutes, but as it was a beautiful day here in Chicagoland, I managed to get a few pictures I like. It really is amazing just how perfectly reflective it is (see the 2nd image below, the Bean is on the right). Here are a few images, from different angles, "de"optimized for web viewing. (Click for bigger versions.)

Bean1 Bean2_1 Bean3_1  Bean4

Is it just me or isn’t it really, really strange…(continued in the extended post)

Is it just me or isn’t it really, really strange… that so much time and so much money was spent removing the seams from the
Bean…and then they put it on a platform full of seams! (See the first
two pictures to see the seams upon which it sits.)
And don’t look now, but in this picture, the circled dark spots look to
me like  like holes in one of the seams…it hasn’t been uncovered very
long and already…. Ouch.

4 comments to Chicago Bean Dip

  • It is indeed a very cool structure. I wonder how long they spend cleaning dirty fingerprints off the thing.. hehe
    great photos :)

  • It is cool; you need to come see it! And as for cleaning, there’s fingerprints and possibly bird mess on the top (look carefully at the top of the picture with the flowers–birds like to perch on top!)
    I want to go back and see it at night with the city lights reflecting.

  • Yes will definitely get there one day .. maybe after Europe tho… :) we’ll see :)

  • I’d like to visit Europe again. Haven’t been there since 1987–and that was only to the Netherlands and the U.K. So many places to see…so little time.

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