Rabbit, Rabbit

Well knock me over with a feather! Or maybe a rabbit’s foot is more fitting. About 8:00 tonight, as the sun began to set, I looked out my front door. There, not three feet from me, was a rabbit sitting on my walk–directly in front of the door! I’ve never seen a rabbit sitting that close to an open door–only the screen door was closed and I was on the other side of it making noise moving about!

The rabbit’s back was too me, but as she twisted just a bit and turned her head toward me I realized she was nursing her babies! (All together now, "ahh.") I could just barely see the sides of the two bunnies as their faces were tucked up to mommy and she maintained her privacy by keeping her back toward me.

I dashed to the kitchen to get a camera and ran back to the door as the camera powered on. Only, when I tried to take the picture, it displayed the low battery signal and died! I ran back to the kitchen grabbed my cell phone and tried to take a picture with it…but, as you can see, it couldn’t handle the screen! (You can, at least, see how close she is to my door.) Lastly, I ran upstairs and grabbed an old camera, and miracles of miracles its battery worked!

I ran back to the door, but by then Reggie was running around with me and mommy rabbit bolted–leaving two adorable bunnies on the front step! (Bad mommy!) I tried take their pictures, but hit the wrong button since I haven’t used the camera in a while and the camera shut down. By the time I got the camera on again, the bunnies had dashed under the evergreen tree. I did manage to get this picture of one bunny–I stood well away and zoomed in!

From inside the house and away from the bunnies, I kept an eye out for a while, but mommy didn’t come back. (Bad mommy!) About 9:30 Reggie and I left for our evening walk. We went out the garage door to keep Reggie away from the bunnies and wouldn’t you know it! Mommy was just creeping around the house and starting across the driveway when Reggie bounced out of the garage! Off she ran! And thirty minutes later when we came back…there was mommy at the bottom of my next-door neighbor’s driveway, making her way toward my house. We didn’t see her till we were within twenty feet, so we made a wide arch, but, yep, she ran off again.

I feel so bad! Reggie and I spent the rest of the evening downstairs, well away from the front door and the bunnies under the tree, so I hope mommy came and collected them! But, wow, I’ve never seen a wild rabbit nursing! It was so cute, but incredibly stupid considering the location! And, darn it, why couldn’t I have gotten a picture! :-(

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  • I was sitting in my buddy’s house in NJ this past weekend and noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye. When I looked over there were two wild turkeys strolling by.
    By the time I got my camera ready they’d moved into the neighbor’s yard. I took the shot, but it isn’t the best.

  • EEK recently posted on the disappointmens of going without cameras. I commented there about one major cameraless-disaster I made.

  • aww very cute.. and how frustrating not getting a working camera!
    I saw some wild bunnies in Utah (day 5 of my pics), including a fairly young bunny .. that was pretty cool

  • My, what long ears that rabbit in your Utah pictures has! (Maybe it’s just the angle.) I’m still working my way through your wonderful pictures. The blue bird in day two is so pretty–I don’t think I’ve seen that bird before. I just found it on Wikipedia, it’s a Steller’s Jay–so pretty! I think the animal in your 5th picture on that day is a chipmunk. I’ve never been there, but your picture of Horsepark Park reminds of a scene in an old western movie–but I can’t remember the film! I don’t think it was a John Wayne or John Ford movie; they made movies in Utah.

  • Yeah Arizona and Utah were popular places to film westerns.. probably why my dad wanted to go there.. to see places he saw on telly as a kid… :) (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was filmed all around Arches National Park, so it was cool seeing those places in real life :) )

  • Your pictures are reminding me of all the places I need to go visit–not just as a film buff, but because they are there! What time of year did you go? Clearly, I’ll need a good camera and somebody else to drive! ;-) I only have a small digital camera, but do have a SLR Nikon film camera that I haven’t used in years because digital is so much more fun. I want a digital camera with lens I can change as needed. Then again, I want to retire, but the wallet isn’t ready for either. :-)

  • We went in May-June (starting in the south and working our way north).
    I bought my camera for the trip, as my previous digital camera was five years old. I toyed with the idea of a digital SLR, but didn’t want to have to carry around extra lenses with me, which is why I stuck with the Sony.
    Yeah it was good having the parents do most of the driving. I sat in the back seat which gave me good access to take photos out of either side of the car, and even the front.

  • Yes, I hate to carry the lenses also. With my old film camera I eventually stuck with one lens with a good zoom. My bro, the photographer, was appalled! ;-) What Sony camera do you have?

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