TypePad Recently Updated List

There are several things I like about TypePad, but since I’m sick, I’m not going to list them now.

One thing I don’t like is that they don’t do much to promote the blogs using their service. They always have a short list of "Recently Updated Blogs," but it is very short and NOW [...]

Reggie, Swelter, and Me

Reggie is better. The heat and humidity are awful. I’m sick.

This image, snapped from, is from 9:45 P.M. If I’d snapped it earlier today, it would have shown a heat index around 110 degrees, maybe higher. For it to be this hot, this late in the evening, is unusual here and really awful. [...]

Another Bad Spell for Reggie

About midnight Saturday, as I was heading off to bed, I noticed that Reggie was in the beginnings of another allergic reaction. He was scratching and licking himself trying to find comfort. I gave him a Bendryl and 45 minutes later noticed that there were two bumps on his head that looked like insect bites. [...]


Another hot, muggy day here in Chicagoland, so Reggie and I hung out around the house doing as little as possible. That included watching Harrison Ford’s latest movie, Firewall. This movie didn’t get the best reviews, so I wasn’t expecting too much and, therefore, ended up enjoying the movie.

This isn’t a great movie, and I [...]

Zooomr Beta

Adirondack Park Hosted on Zooomr

I’ve just signed up for Zooomr, a Flickr like photography service with a few additional features. I’ve only uploaded one picture, the fabulous vista above, as I "figure out" the service. So far I’m liking what I see, but since I’m new to these services, a little more online help would [...]

The Lake House

I think it was over a month ago that BL and I saw The Lake House. As soon as the movie ended, we looked at each other and said:

BL: “I liked it.”
Missy: “I did too.”
–contemplative pause–
Missy: “I need to see it again.”
BL: “Oh yes, definitely need to see it again.”

It was really an odd conversation [...]

Dinner and The Interpreter

Tonight I had dinner at a friend’s house and then we watched The Interpreter, which she had not seen. I already posted about the movie here, and stand by those comments. But a few more thoughts…

In one of the DVD extras, Sydney Pollack says he met for several hours with the Secretary-General of the United [...]

Potty Mouth

When I’m extra tired I’m prone to spoonerisms, and, occasionally, malaprops. Tonight’s verbal faux pas, well, hmm, it wasn’t a spoonerism or a malaprop, but it was strange and funny just the same.

It started Sunday, or actually, it started a month or so ago with a fill-valve in a toilet that wouldn’t stop running. Since [...]

When Harry Met Jane

AustenBlog is sharing the absolute funniest video of the year! Trust me! You must see this. Just click here and be prepared to laugh and laugh!!

As I said on AustenBlog: Matinee to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? $7.50. Admission to see Pride and Prejudice in 2005? $8.50. When Harry Met [...]


All this talk of glass made me decide to visit the local Dale Chihuly glass. This is from the Schaumburg Township District Library. This Chihuly glass was commisioned and purchased by the library. Apparently, the library board made all the decisions…including the colors and display location.

I really like and enjoy Chihuly glass, but I do [...]