Tomorrow or Friday I’ll be bringing home my first glass kiln! I’m purposely starting with a small kiln to better hone my skills. And, yes, it’s also cheaper, but this way I can build up my workshop as I improve my skills. The kiln will be 8" x 8" x 4.5"…perfect for jewelry and small dishes. I hope to be fusing away the next few days!

Below is a picture of one of my pieces on display at an art glass store. I made the mosaic fused glass plate, not the lamp. There’s a close up of the plate in the extended entry, but the lighting is awful.



4 comments to Fused!

  • beautiful!
    there was a blogography entry on glass today too - spooky!

  • Thank you. I saw the Blogography entry and posted a couple of comments, but about Chihuly, not me. ;-) I wish I could blow glass, but I’m limited to fusing, stained glass, and beads, which are also fun! I haven’t made beads in a few years because I don’t have a safe place for a torch/open flame!
    Sigh, no call that my kiln is in yet. :-( Thanks again for the nice compliment! I hope to be posting more pictures soon.

  • What a neat hobby! Love your plate. Enjoy!! Laura

  • Glad you like the plate! This looks like it will be more than a hobby…people are already asking to buy some of my pieces. 8-) We’ll see what happens with that; I won’t be quitting the day job any time soon.
    Big SIGH. Still no call that kiln is in. I hope this doesn’t mean it is on backorder. :-{

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