All this talk of glass made me decide to visit the local Dale Chihuly glass. This is from the Schaumburg Township District Library. This Chihuly glass was commisioned and purchased by the library. Apparently, the library board made all the decisions…including the colors and display location.

I really like and enjoy Chihuly glass, but I do question why a Chicago-suburban library spent what had to be thousands and thousands of dollars on it…particularly these weak colors that are not helped by the location they chose to hang the glass. Glass typically looks better with light behind it, i.e., shining through it; something that won’t happen in this location. They’ve hung the glass so light is shining on it as we look, not light shining through it. (Compare this with the pictures of Chihuly glass in this blog. Same glass artist…different colors and display locations. What a difference!) Regardless of all that, I still admire the work, but somebody should have made some better choices.

Click on the image for a bigger view. Or for a better look, close-up images are in the extended entry. Enjoy…it isn’t your tax dollars (well, it isn’t unless you live in the Schaumburg Township)! ;-)



The shadowing on wall is interesting and is created because the light is shining on the work…still it would have been nice if they’d set up multiple lighting options.



2 comments to Chihuly

  • I have to say that this is quite a bizarre installation… you’re right, the glass kind of dies without the light behind it to bring it to life.
    Most all Chihuly installations I’ve seen have been carefully constructed to allow as much light as possible to shine through… whether by natural or artificial light. They do look much better that way.

  • I blame the library’s board, but it’s too bad Chihuly’s team didn’t make some suggestions. The glass is over a fireplace, but I think it’s too far forward and above for the fire’s light to help any.
    A waste of fine glass.

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