When Harry Met Jane


AustenBlog is sharing the absolute funniest video of the year! Trust me! You must see this. Just click here and be prepared to laugh and laugh!!

As I said on AustenBlog: Matinee to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? $7.50. Admission to see Pride and Prejudice in 2005? $8.50. When Harry Met Jane? Priceless.

(But one must wonder if a lawsuit might follow. ;-) Listening to Jane, but seeing Harry? Excellent. Excellent!)

If you can’t access the AustenBlog link, try here. Makes me want to play with YouTube…never thought that before.

4 comments to When Harry Met Jane

  • hehe that’s pretty cool :) one of these days I might actually see Pride and Prejudice too… :)

  • Glad you liked it! The 1995 BBC mini-series is a better adaptation of P&P, but the 2005 movie is worth seeing. Just try to forget that it’s supposed to be Jane Austen…then you can enjoy it. ;-)

  • We’ve never actually read any of the books …… *duck* :)

  • That’s okay, you still have time. ;-) Jane’s English is a little different than what we hear today, but my English is a little different than your English and a little different from U.K. English, etc., so that’s no big deal. P&P is so much fun to read; I’m due to read it again myself. ;-) If you do see the 2005 version of the movie first…don’t let it taint the book. (lol)

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