Another Bad Spell for Reggie

About midnight Saturday, as I was heading off to bed, I noticed that Reggie was in the beginnings of another allergic reaction. He was scratching and licking himself trying to find comfort. I gave him a Bendryl and 45 minutes later noticed that there were two bumps on his head that looked like insect bites. I put ointment on them and that seemed to help him. The reaction wasn’t as bad as last time, so, finally, about 1:30 we both went to bed.

Instead of sleeping, I lay awake listening to see if Reggie was having any troubles. I guess the insect bites are the cause of the reaction, but there isn’t much I can do about that; particularly as I don’t know what bit him.

I must have drifted off sometime close to 3:00, because Reggie woke me up wanting to go out just after 4:00. I quickly checked the yard with a flashlight looking for any animal eyes staring at me in the dark. No eyes glowed in the dark, so I set Reggie down. Unfortunately, he noticed before I did that the gate was open and away he went. Here it was completely dark, four in the morning, I in my pajamas…and Reggie on the loose. Clearly he was feeling better. I had to run in, get dressed, get in the car, and go find him. If I track him down while I’m in the car, he thinks we’re going somewhere and jumps in. If I try to get him while I’m on foot, he runs away till he’s ready to come home.

This isn’t the first time that the gate has been opened during the night, but I have no idea who is doing it or how to stop it. It is rather disturbing to think that someone was in our yard between 1:30 and 4:00 A.M. I’ve put padlocks back on the gate, which are annoying to deal with and won’t stop anyone from climbing the fence, but it will keep the gates shut and Reggie in the yard.

It was about 5:00 when we got back to bed and I was so bothered that somebody had been in the yard, that I couldn’t sleep. Reggie wanted back out at 6:00 and then again at 7:30. We didn’t bother to go back to bed after the 7:30 outing because the Benadryl had worn off and Reggie was scratching and licking again. We went outside several times, getting hot and sticky in the awful heat, and finally about 11:00, the second Benadryl seemed to kick in and Reggie slept most of the rest of the day.

I thought we were through the problem, so I napped for about three hours, but at 6:00 P.M. Reggie threw up in the back yard. Later at 10:00 P.M. he had the runs. I gave him another Benadryl and some rice…so far so good. It’s after midnight, Reggie is snoozing and I’m off to bed. Here’s hoping this latest problem is over and we’ll both sleep tonight.

4 comments to Another Bad Spell for Reggie

  • Whew, what a night you had! That is creepy that your gate was left open. Any footprints or anything? We had a problem a few years ago with a couple people trying to “visit” the teenage boy next door without his parents knowing - they came in our yard and went over the fence to his bedroom window. After I caught one (after finding the gate mysteriously open and footprints in mud) and had the police come out, it stopped. :) Good luck on that and with Reggie — good thing he’s so cute when he gives you these sleepless nights, huh? :) :)

  • No footprints. Too many scorching hot days without rain and the ground is rock solid right now. Reggie’s been doing better and we both slept through the night last night. Yay.

  • My garage is detached from the house. I have lights that are activated by motion that sometimes go on in the wee hours and startle me. I’m pretty sure it’s a cat triggering the lights … but I’m always a little concerned that it might be thugs after my 10-year old mower.

  • Delmer, I don’t lock my shed for similar reasons. I guess if I get a new mower, since my 12-year old mower is gasping for life, I’ll have to start locking the shed again also.

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