Name Your Poison

It’s been reported here before that Cincinnati-based Federated Department Stores, Inc. purchased Macy’s Department stores and now our Marshall Field’s. The former is a New York City landmark; the latter is a Chicago landmark. Pish-posh, according Federated. They like the name Macy’s so all their stores are going to use that name. After all, they [...]

My Friends Went to Costa Rica…

…And I got this perfect postcard (click for bigger view!):

Why is it perfect? So glad you asked!

It shows they were thinking of me. Ahhhh. (Sad news about Costa Rica postal system, and perhaps the U.S. system also, my friends have been home over a week, but the card arrived yesterday!!)
Like the Red [...]

The Lake House DVD

The movie, The Lake House, which I reviewed here, is being released on DVD in September and some details about the DVD are coming out. There will be three DVD versions released on Sept. 26, 2006: widescreen, fullscreen, and HD-DVD. According to DVD Town, the extras will be deleted scenes and trailers. That’s great, but [...]

Jane Austen Resource

Earlier this year the publisher of the Dummies books published a Jane Austen resource book. Sticking with their infamous titles, the book is called Jane Austen for Dummies. The book really isn’t for dummies, it’s for anyone interested in Jane Austen. (Which, as I’ve said before, should be everyone.

JA for Dummies generously covers:

Austen [...]

Bachelor Mother (1939)

Bachelor Mother, starring Ginger Rogers, David Niven, and Charles Coburn, is one of those charming, silly, feel-good, funny movies Hollywood used to excel at making. Rogers plays Polly Parish, a temporary Christmas employee at Merlin’s Department store (think: Macy’s), who is mistaken for the mother of an abandoned child. The foundling agency convinces David Merlin [...]

Rough Days

It’s been a rough two days for my mother. She’s kept in touch with a former neighbor, Mrs. K, for over 30 years and knew her health was failing. Mother called Mrs. K a few weeks ago, but they only spoke for a few minutes because she had just come home after another kemo treatment [...]

Kiln Update

I unloaded the kiln this afternoon, but spent most of the time prepping it. I do have glass in it now, but the kiln is still too hot to open. I’ll post pictures (if they turned out) of the process tomorrow.

High School Metaphors

This is from an email I received a while back, so although it claims to be actual statements written by high schoolers, I personally can’t verify the truth to that claim. I can verify that they are hilarious!


Actual Analogies and Metaphors Found in High School Essays

Her face was a perfect oval, like a circle that [...]

Kiln Arrival

My kiln arrived, my kiln is here, my kiln is here.

Well, as you might have heard, my new, small, glass kiln has finally arrived! It’s so newly arrived, that I’ve lifted the pieces out of the box to give them a quick glance, but I haven’t put it together or fired it up yet. [...]

Pemberley ‘95 vs. Pemberley ‘05

The last few days my allergies have kicked up a gear; or so I thought. Yesterday I had a headache most of the day. Tonight I have a slight sore throat. I think I’m getting a cold and, as those of you that know me know, I don’t suffer colds well. I had a post [...]