Kiln Arrival

My kiln arrived, my kiln is here, my kiln is here.

Well, as you might have heard, my new, small, glass kiln has finally arrived! It’s so newly arrived, that I’ve lifted the pieces out of the box to give them a quick glance, but I haven’t put it together or fired it up yet. But…my kiln arrived!!! Now I’d be truly happy if only I’d been able to find a workbench…I’ve looked and looked with no luck, but that’s another blog another day.

I hope to post lots of pictures the next few days!

4 comments to Kiln Arrival

  • oo oo ooo
    can’t wait to see the first thing you fire in it :)

  • Thanks! :-D I can’t wait to see the first thing either! (Now the pressure is on.)
    I’d love to make a plate to match the one I posted earlier (there’s a glass-problem with that one), but this kiln is too small. I’ll be doing simple things first to “get to know” the kiln.

  • UPS brought me something nice the other day. I dragged the box into the garage though I haven’t opened it.
    I’m just happy it has arrived.

  • Hmm, why do I get the feeling it’s a good thing you didn’t tell us what’s in the box? ;-)

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