Name Your Poison

It’s been reported here before that Cincinnati-based Federated Department Stores, Inc. purchased Macy’s Department stores and now our Marshall Field’s. The former is a New York City landmark; the latter is a Chicago landmark. Pish-posh, according Federated. They like the name Macy’s so all their stores are going to use that name. After all, they claim, Marshall Field’s is just a name. Wrong! It’s a place. It’s two places in Chicago. It’s lots and lots places in the suburbs and other parts of the country. It’s green bags. It’s Chicago Fire history. It’s fabulous clocks. It’s Normal Rockwell paintings. It’s a whole City block.

It’s just a name! claims Federated, you can adjust. Bye Marshall Field’s …hello Macy’s. See, just a name.

Too bad Federated didn’t bother to learn our names. They’ve put new signs all over the State Street store in Chicago…the landmark store…the one with the clocks…the whole City block store…the one where you ask directions and people tell you things like, "That’s on the fifth floor, Randolph Street side." or "You’ll find that on 8; Wabash Avenue." It didn’t matter if you were in the basement or on the ninth floor–directions included the city streets! But the new owners put up signs showing all their departments and got three of the street names…WRONG! Apparently they expect us to be better with names than they are! The Chicago Tribune has an article here with a copyrighted picture, but it probably won’t be accessible very long.

Welcome to the neighborhood Federalist, I mean Frigerated, I mean Regulated, I mean…whoever. Here’s a good name…Fool.

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  • On my way back from lunch yesterday I cut through what I thought was the State Street Field’s. Actually it is now “soft Macy’s” -> new signs & awnings are up, clerks are pushing the Macy’s charge card, the window decals of the clock that obscured the workrooms on the 3rd floor are gone. Apparently Field’s officially becomes Macy’s on Labor Day, not September 15th. So sad.

  • Isn’t this the third or fourth owner of Field’s since the family sold the stores? Aren’t the odds in favor that this owner will sell it eventually also?!?! So what a waste of time and effort when most of us will probably continue calling the stores: Field’s! Just like many people still use the name Standard Oil Building…not the new name for that building. ;-) And it will always be the Sears Tower, etc.

  • Out here in CA we just received Macy’s charge cards to replace our Robinsons-May cards. Very strange. Love the article you posted here — sometimes you’ve just got to shake your head.

  • Fools are really trying to take over the retail world, are they not!?!?!

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