Stranger Than Fiction

A few years ago I was in a writers group with my pals E. E. Knight (EEK) and Jack Fredrickson. EEK now has several published books, check here for a listing on, and his latest, Dragon Avenger, is coming out on Dec. 5. Jack’s first book, A Safe Place for Dying, is coming out [...]

Rough Days, Part 2

A while back I posted about the Rough Days we, my mother in particular, were having. In specific, that Friday we learned about the death of a former neighbor, that Saturday we learned about the death of one of Mother’s cousins, and on Sunday we learned that a neighbor of over 30 years was in [...]

Cats and Dogs

Here are a couple of differences between cats and dogs:

When a dog wants to be petted, it uses its head to butt your hand.    Why? Because a dog knows you use your hand to pet it.

When a cat wants to be petted, it uses its paw to swat your head.    Why? Because a [...]

Bye Sparkster

The most awful thing about pets is having to say bye. Today Reggie’s brother, Sparky, had to be put down. For years Reggie was the sibling with health problems, but in the past year and a half Sparky had some serious problems. Over the weekend he went downhill quickly.

Here’s a picture of him from [...]

P&P 10th Anniversary Edition Review

As I reported earlier, a tenth anniversary edition (DVD region 1) of the 1995 Pride and Prejudice mini-series is coming out next Tuesday. DVD Talk has an in-depth review here, which sadly includes a few errors about the plot. Other than the plot errors, it’s an interesting review. Here are a few key points:

This release [...]

Hitchcock Movie Poll

(Update: I know Psycho is misspelled below, but the service used to create the poll won’t let me edit the question. Why not? Because that service, Vizu, claims there is profanity in the question. They are picking on part of Sir Alfred’s last name. Now what am I supposed to do about that! It’s part [...]

Reading Poll Results

A few weeks ago I posted a poll and below are the results. If you’d like to vote, the poll is still open here, so give it a go.

I’m so glad I’m not the only one that savors a good book before starting another. Thanks for participating!

Battery Charges

Dell, Apple, and now Toshiba are each recalling laptop batteries…batteries all made by Sony. As of this posting, there are now over 6 million faulty Sony batteries being recalled. Dell is recalling 4.1 million batteries, Apple is recalling 1.8 million, and Toshiba just announced a recall of 340,000 laptop batteries.

Has anyone else noticed that Sony [...]

Cold Blindside

Yippy skippy! The past few days I’ve been blindsided by the worst cold I’ve had in years. And I lived to talk about…I think. I feel better today and have forced myself to take it easy. I am going to cry and cry and cry if this misery swings back and hits me a second [...]

Drag the Dot

Firda recommended this game, Drag the Dot, so I gave it a shot. I had a little trouble with level 11 or 12, can’t remember which, 11 I think, but got through to level 16 fairly easily. I’m giving up now; too tired to play any more. I keep getting caught on the 2nd to [...]