Cold Blindside

Yippy skippy! The past few days I’ve been blindsided by the worst cold I’ve had in years. And I lived to talk about…I think. I feel better today and have forced myself to take it easy. I am going to cry and cry and cry if this misery swings back and hits me a second time!

To make a wretched weekend even less bearable, I’ve told you that over the summer Reggie has been progressively more nervous and twitchy…yep you guessed it. There I was coughing, hacking, and sneezing and there was Reggie in a panic. He wouldn’t stay near me…I mean if I was on one floor of the house, he moved to another! Then, because that wasn’t enough, he started scratching things…couches, the computer, chairs, etc. Then he started climbing! At one point I found him on top of a low, topless filing cabinet and because I’d left a few papers on top of the files in said cabinet, I now have to go through every folder to find where they fell because he was crawling around on it! Having to deal with him did not help my recovery!

This to shall pass.

Won’t it?

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