Bye Sparkster

SparkyThe most awful thing about pets is having to say bye. Today Reggie’s brother, Sparky, had to be put down. For years Reggie was the sibling with health problems, but in the past year and a half Sparky had some serious problems. Over the weekend he went downhill quickly.

Here’s a picture of him from only a few months ago. How cute and healthy he looks.

Gone, but never forgotten.

4 comments to Bye Sparkster

  • awwwww that’s very sad. :( Are schnauzers prone to having health problems?

  • Thanks. As you probably know, all pure-bred dogs tend to have more problems than mixed breeds. Miniature Schnauzers are usually very healthy dogs, but are known to trend to some problems: eye problems, skin problems including one only Schnauzers get called Schnauzer Spots (or is it Bumps?), and problems with fat in their diet. But overall they are considered very healthy dogs. I think we got a “lemon litter”—at least health-wise. Reggie’s health problem is liver shunts, which is rare to any breed…just a birth defect. Personality-wise, other than Reggie’s nervous-nellie habits, they’re both very sweet, loving, and trainable dogs.

  • Also, Reggie will be 9 and a half years old in November, so old age also had its impact on Sparky. The average life for a Minuature Schnauzer is 12 years.

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