Rough Days, Part 2

A while back I posted about the Rough Days we, my mother in particular, were having. In specific, that Friday we learned about the death of a former neighbor, that Saturday we learned about the death of one of Mother’s cousins, and on Sunday we learned that a neighbor of over 30 years was in the final stages of cancer.

Today we learned that Mrs. B., the 30-year plus neighbor, lost her battle. Her body gave out, but her spirit never did. A few weeks ago, her youngest daughter told Mother that Mrs. B. didn’t want to die, that she wanted to live. She fought the cancer for several years, but last week it took an ugly turn for the worse.

Only a few weeks ago we saw her out walking her dog, Heidi. Every day, a few times a day, she and Heidi would go for walks. We used to see Mrs. B. out working in her yard, which she loved. There were always cars in her driveway because people always came to visit. She is survived by 8 children, several grandchildren, and a multitude of friends.

We’ll be attending services on Monday and Tuesday to remember her and celebrate her life.

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