I had my first ever back spasm on Wednesday. I’ve heard plenty of other people describe how painful and debilitating these spasms are and I’ve always believed them. This was the first–and only, I hope–time I got to personally confirm their reports. I haven’t had any other back spasms since then, but my back has not stopped hurting. Basically, the muscle that spazzed is now too tight–at least that’s what it feels like.

It wasn’t an extreme spasm, but it almost took me off my feet, and the pain isn’t too bad, so I don’t think a doctor visit will be needed. I’ve been taking regular doses of over-the-counter pain killers, putting heat on my back, stretching my back, taking it easy, and driving with a golf ball between my back and the car seat. I even bought a new heating pad because Reggie has "ownership" of my old one. It’s ridiculous how expensive heating pads are now and that most only have three heat settings. The one I put in Reggie’s crate during the winter must have 6 or 8 settings. As I stood there looking at the prices and deciding whether to buy one, I thought "If I buy this I better get my money’s worth out of it. Oh wait, that means I’d have to use it a lot. OK, scratch that thought!"

My back is a lot better now, but still a little painful. It’s supposed to be a smidge warmer tomorrow and sunny, so I’m thinking, if I can squeeze it in, that a long walk at Mortem Arboretum would help loosen up my back!!!

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