Uh…Do I Know You?

Last night I went to see my niece in a school musical. As I was walking into the school with my family, a woman looked at me and said, "I know you, don’t I?" I agreed she looked familar, but we couldn’t place each other. We exchanged names, discussed where we’d grown up, discussed jobs, shared friends names…and nothing, we couldn’t place each other. But our faces and our names were very familar.

I still can’t place her…but it feels like it’s on the tip of my brain. Sigh.

(By the way, the play was surprisingly good and my niece was fabulous!)

2 comments to Uh…Do I Know You?

  • Does she work at a store you frequent? I have the biggest out-of-context issues with shopkeepers cause you know them, but not really :)

  • I had a similar thought…that I’ve met her at the glass store I frequent. I also wonder if we have a friend in common. It still hasn’t come to me yet! Argh.

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