Author Lunch

I had lunch with authors Jack Fredrickson and E. E. Knight today…and what fun we had! They are both always insightful, interesting, and humorous.

Jack first book, A Safe Place for Dying, is now available online and in most bookstores. Several bookstores have sent Jack boxes of books to sign so they can display them [...]


I haven’t posted in so long I think there is mildew growing on my previous blog…not that I’m implying anything about Her Majesty you understand!

Life has been crazy, crazy busy! Work, birthday, work, Thanksgiving, work, visiting friends, work, work, work. Things finally slowed down a bit yesterday…but I had to work again at 7:00 P.M. [...]

The British are Coming, The British are Coming…

…well, a few of them that is.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are coming to the U.S. in May of 2007 for the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, Virginia. The Queen made the announcement Tuesday during her annual address to Parliament and the White House confirmed it Wednesday. This will be an official state visit, but [...]

Towering Sale or Not?

Tower Records here in the U.S. is closing down and selling out all their CDs and DVDs. This started out as a pathetic sale because their prices were only 10% off their lowest ticketed prices. Sounds good, but their lowest ticketed price was full retail! So their 10% off was 10 to 30% higher than [...]

Mild El Nino

I saw on the news tonight that we are in the middle of a mild el nino. This weather forecaster said that means lower than average snow fall for the Chicago area and that’s just fine. But he went on to say that means the difference will be made up with rain and, well, that [...]


Last month I posted about my friend that was robbed. Her insurance claim for the stolen items was over $10,000 (I won’t list specific amounts or details). Unfortunately, the computer and jewelry riders on her insurance policy were not high enough to cover the losses in those areas. She’s receiving about $3,000 less than her [...]

Lest We Forget

I was searching the web trying to find an appropriate and honoring image for Veterans Day, when I saw this BBC image.

Copyright BBC.

I don’t know why, but the image reminds me of my grandfather, a WWI veteran. I know many veterans don’t like to hear this, but the rest of us must never [...]

Ugh! Update

So here it is…the update you’ve all been waiting for! Drum roll please…

Armed with the evidence that his Internet connection was dropping every 23 seconds, my father called his DSL provider (AGAIN) Thursday morning. This time he didn’t get somebody half-way around the world with an accent that only somebody else half-way around the world [...]


This has not been the best of evenings. It started at a wake…yes, another family friend has passed away and tonight I attended the wake. My thoughts and prayers are with RS’s widow, son, daughter, in-laws, and grand-children. God bless you all.

After the wake I went over to my parent’s house to once again try [...]

Election Day in the U.S.

…I hope you did also!