Author Lunch

I had lunch with authors Jack Fredrickson and E. E. Knight today…and what fun we had! They are both always insightful, interesting, and humorous.

Jack first book, A Safe Place for Dying, is now available online and in most bookstores. Several bookstores have sent Jack boxes of books to sign so they can display them in their stores. One such store told Jack the publisher is out of his book. At least one of the wholesalers is also running out. The book is being snapped up! Hurry, get your copy now! I’ve got mine!

Go! Go get your copy now! If the fact that they are running out and my endorsement is not enough incentive…remember, A Safe Place for Dying got a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly!

And next week E. E. Knight’s latest, Dragon Avenger, hits the shelves! I’m telling you, friends…great books, great gifts!!!!

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