Tah, Tah 2006

It’s been 2007 for simply HOURS in Australia, and, finally, finally, it will be 2007 in a few minutes here in Chicago and the rest of the midwest in the U.S.

Thanks for making 2006 a fun blogging year here at Missyisms; I hope to see you even more in 2007!

Happy New Year, Everyone! Here’s to [...]

Final Daily Foxtrot

This is it, gang. The last, the final, the ###, the end, the last hurrrah…

Here’s the concluding daily strip of Foxtrot (click to enlarge):

At least there will still be Sunday strips; just not the same.

Image copyright Bill Amend.

Thanks for Your Network, Bobby

A friend of mine went to visit family for Christmas and stayed at her brother’s house. We’ll call the brother Bob, even thought I have no idea what his name is. Bob told his sister (my friend) that his next-door neighbor had admitted he used Bob’s network to access the Internet. This was because the [...]

To-do List Misery

The problem with creating to-do lists is that when things don’t get crossed off…it’s wretchedly depressing! Today and yesterday I worked on the two items that require the most time. I knew I couldn’t finish either, but I was hoping to finish other things in the meantime also. Nope.

Well, there’s always tomorrow to work [...]

President Gerald Ford Dies

The 38th president of the United States, Gerald Ford, has passed away. He’s been sick for some time, so this isn’t a great surprise, but it is sad none-the-less. I’m sure the next few days will be full of news of Ford and Nixon.

His wife Betty just issued the following statement:

"My family joins me [...]

Raindrops On the Brain

…and everything else!!

OK, lest you thought I was simply being whiney and petulant with all my complaints about the rain this year, in today’s Chicago Tribune, meteorologist Tom Skilling answers the following question from an Indiana reader:

Have we had more rainfall this year than in past years?

The answer…YES, but not quite a record. According to [...]

In a Blink

Wait! Where did it go? All that preparation…and, blink, Christmas is over!

I spent today working on my to-do list. First, I started writing the list, I’ll be adding to it for days, and then I cleared just a fraction of the items. Wasn’t Christmas yesterday or was that my imagination, because it seems like it [...]

Merry Christmas 2006!

Merry Christmas One and All!

The Letter  –Thank you to our troops serving far and wide…and away from their families! The "Letter" is from them! God bless.

Hat tip: EEK

Christmas Eve 2006

Oh, OUCH! That must have smarted! Are you hurt?

Yes, yes, I know this post is a surprise, but really, falling to the floor!

Can you get up? Do you need help? Anything broken? Ah, back in your chair…that’s good. Sorry about the shock…is your heart okay? Did you miss me?

Life has been busy, I’m sure [...]

Arrested in St. Louis

As I work on my blog, I’m watching Meet Me in St. Louis. Have you ever seen this movie? I haven’t watched it in years and am struck a new at the ghoulishness of the main family!

One child gives her dolls, not one, but several infectious diseases. After a lot of suffering they die and [...]