Mr. Wyler Builds His Lake House

According to movie trivia on the lake house used in the movie, The Lake House, was built simply for the film. Meaning it was constructed for filming and then torn down. But, as luck would have it, Google Maps took a picture of the area during the time the house was there. Here’s a [...]

Countdown Clocked Out

Turns out I wasn’t the only peeved by the imbecilic countdown clock channel 2 posted for the Super Bowl. Lots of people complained and the countdown went bye-bye. Fools; what were they thinking? Silly me…I’m assuming they were thinking!

Lions and Helmets and Bears…Oh My!

Swollen heads too big for Bears’ helmets? Yep!

Just as they did in 1985 when the Bears last made it to the Super Bowl, the famed 113 year-old lion statutes in front of the Chicago Institute of Art are being dressed up in Bears’ helmets. Only…oh my!

These are brand new, custom-made, fiberglass helmets that they tried [...]

A Dog’s Life: Velvet Chews

Yeah, baby!

Oh Plu-eese!

I wish the Super Bowl had been today. Not because we’d know the outcome. Not because I could have watched. Not because I’m cheering for the hometown Chicago Bears.

Nope. I wanted the game to be today…so that it would be over! I’m so sick of hearing about the great Bears! I’ve been sick of [...]

Reggie: What a Choice

Reggie’s been waking me up in the middle of the night lately to go outside. He’s also been Energizer Reggie full of pep and spirit, so I wasn’t sure if the midnight calls indicated a bladder problem or energy overdrive. Last week he started asking to go outside more frequently during the day, so late [...]

Egg Facial

Now wouldn’t it be fun to actually hear from the reporter in last night’s blog? To hear her opinion. To learn if she actually knew Lizzie I was deceased. It ain’t gonna happen and that’s OK, but it did remind me of a funny story:

Several years ago I was reading a PC magazine and one [...]

She’s, Umm, Dead You Know

The other day I blogged about Dame Helen Mirren winning two Golden Globes for her two performances as Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II. In an interview just minutes after winning her second Globe, one of the reporters asked Dame Helen:

"Uh, uh, Ms. Mirren, so just to clarify…you haven’t heard from either queen about [...]

Google Pedometer

This is pretty cool…a pedometer using Google’s maps. Below is a map of one of the walks Reggie and I take. The pedometer provides the distance, and, if wanted, calories burned. Kind of fun. (To mark the map with points, double-click your way through your route. I suggest zooming in as close as possible to [...]

Golden Ladies

The Golden Globes were on tonight. I watched bits and pieces and got all the awards I wanted! That is to say, the women that I wanted to win…WON!!!!

Meryl Streep won Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical Film for being the The Devil Wore Prada. During her acceptance speech Meryl commented on the how [...]