Golden Ladies

The Golden Globes were on tonight. I watched bits and pieces and got all the awards I wanted! That is to say, the women that I wanted to win…WON!!!!

Meryl Streep won Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical Film for being the The Devil Wore Prada. During her acceptance speech Meryl commented on the how few of the award-contending films are being played around the country. She encouraged us all to complain to theater owners: "It’s amazing how much you can get if you quietly, clearly, and authoritatively demand it." Excellent line! Applies to a lot of things, don’t you think?

And Helen Mirren, who was nominated for three different roles, won the most she could win: TWO! Dame Helen was nominated for Best Actress in a Dramatic Film and twice for Best Actress in a Mini-Series. She won for her performance as Elizabeth II in The Queen and her role as the other Queen Elizabeth in Elizabeth I, a mini-series. (She was also nominated for her leading role in Prime Suspect: The Final Chapter, but won for Elizabeth I in that category instead.) Her acceptance speech for The Queen was a hoot. She suggested the award really belongs to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, but decided since the HM already has an orb and scepter, that Helen should accept the Golden Globe orb for her. You can see a picture here of HM Elizabeth II holding her orb and scepter about the time of her coronation at the age of 25 in 1953.

I have to say, I think women had a lot of good roles this year…much better roles than what most of the men were nominated for. That’s a major oddity in Hollywood! (Maybe this happened because a lot of films were produced outside of Hollywood this year!)

(The categories I’ve listed above are not technically correct, but they are correct by meaning.)

2 comments to Golden Ladies

  • Michele

    Hi Missy,
    Just thought I would drop by to say hello. I am enjoying looking at your blog. I think Helen Mirren earned her award in the opening moment of The Queen, with that baleful stare that looked just like the real thing. It is good to be back in touch with you - let’s keep it going! Michele

  • Hey Michele,
    How GREAT to hear from you! Sorry the blog has been so pathetic lately. I fully agree with you: Mirren was fabulous in The Queen; she put the rest of the cast to shame!
    I also agree we need to stay in touch! Maybe Laura and I can persuade you to start a blog. ;-) Missy

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