She’s, Umm, Dead You Know

The other day I blogged about Dame Helen Mirren winning two Golden Globes for her two performances as Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II. In an interview just minutes after winning her second Globe, one of the reporters asked Dame Helen:

"Uh, uh, Ms. Mirren, so just to clarify…you haven’t heard from either queen about your performances?"

Dame Helen gives a very humorous, cute answer which you can see here (select "play video" button on the Helen Mirren — The Queen image to hear).

But. Well. I just have to wonder. Now I couldn’t see the reporter’s face, but does she know…has anyone clarified this for her yet? Queen Elizabeth I is dead.

Yeah, sorry, like a few hundred years ago! If the reporter had watched the mini-series, she might have gotten a hint from the costumes. Was the reporter being cute or did she really not know? Before you decide, consider these few things:

  • If you think this is just too ridiculous to ponder…keep in mind a few
    years ago when the BBC was looking for an American co-sponsor for the
    1995 Pride and Prejudice mini-series, one potential American producer
    asked if the author would be available for a book tour. (My head hangs
    in shame at this American.) NO. Jane Austen is dead (more’s the pity!), she died about two hundred years ago.
  • If you still think this is too ridiculous…how many people think Elvis is alive?
  • Also, Queen Elizabeth just happens to be the name of the mother of Queen Elizabeth II. This Queen Elizabeth, more commonly known as the Queen Mum, died only a few years ago. Was the reporter confused…did she think the Queen Mum was Queen Elizabeth I? No; not the case.

I’ll leave you to decide whether the reporter knew the truth about Queen Elizabeth I. (I know what I think.) But let’s not tell her that Elvis is dead; it might be too much for her to absorb all at once.

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