Reggie: What a Choice


Reggie’s been waking me up in the middle of the night lately to go outside. He’s also been Energizer Reggie full of pep and spirit, so I wasn’t sure if the midnight calls indicated a bladder problem or energy overdrive. Last week he started asking to go outside more frequently during the day, so late in the week I called and got a vet appointment. Thursday Energizer Reggie dissolved into Turtle Reggie, a more calm, sedate version of the same dog. He got more quiet each day and was very sick Sunday, but was better by the evening.

Today was finally our vet appointment and an x-ray showed no stones in his bladder. This is good news. Unfortunately, some of the cell counts were very high in his urine sample. This means he either has an infection or a tumor in his bladder.

What a choice. An infection or a tumor.

The tumor won’t show in x-rays, but should show in an ultra scan. Reggie had an ultra scan three months ago and everything looked great. So we think Reggie has an infection and he’s going to take antibiotics for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, we’ll re-check his urine sample. If the cell counts are still elevated, we’ll do another ultra scan to look for a tumor, which will be like a bush growing in his bladder. If there’s a tumor, there’s a oral drug that reduces the tumor in 50% of dogs or stops the tumor’s growth in another 20-30% of dogs. At one point the vet said this isn’t a life-threatening type of tumor, but later I realized I’m not sure if that meant for all dogs or only the 70-80% that the pill helps.

I think it’s an infection and am not going to worry about it the next two weeks. But what a choice: an infection or a tumor.

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