Oscar Diva!

Last night’s Oscars telecast included a humorous reunion of the leads from last summer’s hit The Devil Wears Prada. Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt were co-presenting an award when they started interacting with Meryl Streep, who sat in the audience.

Clearly the first part of this is scripted, but I’m not sure if Streep’s involvement [...]

Your Majesty, Your Oscar Madam

I haven’t seen most of the Oscar nominated movies for this year (too much violence on their part and too little time on my part), so the only award I was truly interested in was Best Actress in a Leading Role.

There were a lot of surprises, i.e., the predicted, the expected, did NOT win at [...]

The Fixin’s and the Breakin’s

I finally, finally, finally got a new battery installed in my car last Friday! I’ve been worried about that battery for a long time and finally remembered to take care of it when I actually had time to take care of it! (Nothing like remembering to do something when there’s nothing you can do about [...]

Bye, Bye, Spring Fever

Our spring break was wonderful while it lasted. Yesterday the temps dropped again. Today they were worse than yesterday. And the weekend forecast is for cold, snow, and ice. Brrrr!

But our taste of pseudo-spring was a wonderful break! Y’all come back REAL soon, y’ah hear!?!?!

Shepherd’s Pie

According to this Wall Street Journal article, ABC is slicing out a piece of their hit show Grey’s Anatomy to create a spinoff based on the character Addison Montgomery-Shepherd.

This is a minced-meat piece of news to be sure! Addison, wonderfully played by Kate Walsh, is the most interesting character on Grey’s Anatomy…so it’s great that [...]

The PC on the Mac

I was browsing the March 6, 2007 edition of PC Magazine when a letter to the editors caught my eye. One of PC Magazine’s readers was a little ticked off. He writes:

"This is incredible. You are giving advice to PC users about how to make the switch to Macs (Software Solutions, January 2007, page 154)…why [...]

Spring Fever

The other day when I commented to a few friends, as I did here, that it seems like the last few years we’ve had one really bad month each winter season, one person said, "Yeah, hello, global warming." What? I hadn’t said we’ve been having one warmer than normal month, but one worse than normal [...]

The Day After

Here are some pictures I took the day after the storm. Except near trees, the snow was so deep Reggie had to jump, instead of run, around until we dug some paths. Click any picture for a bigger view over on Zooomr. Enjoy.

I took the picture below as a comparison to the storm we had [...]

Winter Snow Blast

I’ve commented to a few people today that the last few years we’ve had one really bad month each winter season. Some years the rest of winter has been very mild, other times the rest of the winter has been average or normal, but always one month is really bad. Last year December was the [...]


Years ago they used to talk about people being leading edge if they always wanted the latest technology. Soon, that term wasn’t sharp enough for the way some people cut into new tech items and, thus, bleeding edge entered the lingo.

I’ve always enjoyed letting other people prick their fingers and wallets on the latest and [...]