So…Jury Duty

I’m home from jury duty…and don’t have to go back. Yay.

As I expected, in fact more than I expected, getting to Chicago this early in the morning was a hassle. The local train station is only a few miles from my house, but I got stuck in traffic, which made me late. Since I’m [...]

Chicago, Dear God

When I was in grade school two of my social studies (a.k.a., history) books had a political cartoon that I have remembered all my life. I don’t have a copy of the cartoon, but it was from the Roaring Twenties and was a picture of a little girl kneeling next to her bed praying. She [...]

The Return of Foyle’s War

July 9, 2007 UPDATE: I've got more information about Foyle's War (the last season and PBS edits) here or click on Television in the Categories list (see sidebar) to see all my posts about Foyle's War.

Finally! Finally! Finally! Foyle's War is returning to U.S. television!

According to PBS, Foyle's War season 4 will [...]

Jane Austen Novel Survey

Clearly, an important question!

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Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick

Since he’s seems to be completely over the infection he had in January, Reggie had a rabies shot today…and several others. Poor guy.

The first time Reg had a rabies shot, nothing negative happened. The second time Reggie had a rabies shot he had a bad allergic reaction. The third time Reggie had a rabies shot [...]

Pet Food Recall

If you have a dog or cat, check out this web page to see if his or her food is being recalled. This is extremely important for your pet’s health…do NOT ignore this recall if your pet’s food is on the list.

Reggie eats dry food and his brand isn’t on the list, so he’s ok.

What Were You Thinking, Wickham?

Chats-Noirs and I were discussing an important issue via instant messages the other day and I’ve decided to get additional input from my fearless readers.

Why did Wickham run off with Lydia in Pride and Prejudice? There’s not much question why Lydia ran away with Wickham, but why did he run off with her?

Elizabeth herself says, [...]

Jane Austen Season

It’s another Jane Austen year on the screens…both the big screen and the little screen. Coming to movie theaters later this year is Becoming Jane, which looks completely fictionalized despite their claims, and The Jane Austen Book Club. But more on those another time, no need to depress ourselves now.

Starting this weekend in the U.K., [...]

Let the Light Shine

It is almost 7:00 P.M. here in Chicago and it’s just beginning to get dark outside. Woo hoo! I know a lot of people are bothered by the change in the Daylight Savings Time rules, but living on the eastern edge of a time zone is such a drag! It hasn’t been light outside at [...]

The Holiday

I’m completely behind blogging about movies I’ve seen. It’s not that I’ve seen a lot of movies, it’s just that I haven’t blogged about any that I’ve seen since my birthday on November 19 (write that down, I’m sure you’ll want to remember that date–LOL).

Of the movies I have seen only a few were [...]