Blue Screen of Death

…a.k.a. Life as You’ve Known it is Over.

Yes, I’ve been struck by the blue screen of death. A truly fatal blue screen. The details are numerous, but suffice it to say I was on the phone with tech support for over three hours the day of the death, had a tech person in the house [...]


Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has been spending campaign money to get his haircut and visit day spas.

How much money? Let’s check it out:

Another haircut…$400
Campaign money used for vanity…Priceless!

Didn’t Edwards learn from fellow Democrat Bill Clinton who shut down Los Angeles International Airport as he got a $200 haircut in 1993? Clinton claimed he didn’t [...]

Virginia Tech

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Growing Bud

Almost a year ago I introduced you to Buddy…see how he’s grown!

He’s a lot bigger than he used to be, but he’s still cute, sweet, funny, and smart! (Click either image to enlarge.)

Snow is in the Air

You may think that it is April. I may think that it is April. We all might be thinking April showers.

…but we all be wrong, baby. It be WINTER!

Some pictures from the backyard (and, yes, it was gray outside today…I’ve decided against brightening the pictures…this is how it looked):

April_11_07_SnowFence0780 Hosted on Zooomr

I kid you not! [...]


For many, many years the White House has asked the states to send in decorations to represent them in the White House during Christmas. Apparently, I didn’t know this before, for just over a decade, they’ve done the same with Easter eggs.

Click here and then click on the picture of Mrs. Bush in front of [...]

Barbie Pride and Barbie Prejudice

On an April day when winter reared its ugly head–the temperature dropped back into the 30s and snow flurries have been flying all day–a little amusement was needed. This is a bit disturbing (Malibu Darcy needs to learn to keep his lips to himself!), but mostly funny.

Hat tip: AustenBlog

A T M, A T M…There’s no place like home

Sunday morning I left early for church so I could stop at the ATM to deposit a check…only at the ATM I discovered my ATM card was absent from my wallet. I searched the car, my purse, and the house…ATM is AWOL.

Several years ago my bank decided to convert all its customers’ ATM cards into [...]