A T M, A T M…There’s no place like home

Sunday morning I left early for church so I could stop at the ATM to deposit a check…only at the ATM I discovered my ATM card was absent from my wallet. I searched the car, my purse, and the house…ATM is AWOL.

Several years ago my bank decided to convert all its customers’ ATM cards into debit cards/ATM cards, without asking our opinions. It caused a quite an uproar. They also outsourced the card and their online service to another company, without the customers’ consent. This was supposed to save the bank and us money. It caused an uproar. Up roar or not, they didn’t change their minds.

As I dialed up the customer service number to have my AWOL ATM/debit card canceled and a new one sent, I thought, "Good thing the bank outsourced this because the card company should be open and the bank definitely isn’t." Silly me. The card company wasn’t open either. This caused an uproar.

I had to wait till Monday morning to cancel the card. This is outrageous…their business practice put me at a financial risk. If somebody found that card and guessed my PIN number, they had access to my bank accounts. I guess the PIN gives some security that a regular credit card wouldn’t, but still. Luckily the card had not been used.

The new card supposedly will arrive later this week. In the meantime, I’m hoarding my cash and waving forlornly at any ATM machine I pass. It seems to me that the vendor should replace an AWOL ATM ASAP…not in a few days!

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