Snow is in the Air

You may think that it is April. I may think that it is April. We all might be thinking April showers.

…but we all be wrong, baby. It be WINTER!

Some pictures from the backyard (and, yes, it was gray outside today…I’ve decided against brightening the pictures…this is how it looked):

April_11_07_SnowFence0780April_11_07_SnowFence0780 Hosted on Zooomr

I kid you not! I took these today! April 11:

April_11_07_SnowFence0781April_11_07_SnowFence0781 Hosted on Zooomr

I thought the snow on the fence was cool…which explains the three pictures of it:

April_11_07_SnowFence0782April_11_07_SnowFence0782 Hosted on Zooomr

I should probably post smaller versions of the above pics, but I like it larger. Let me know if it’s a viewing problem. Click any of the images to see various sizes of the pics and other pictures I took today.

2 comments to Snow is in the Air

  • Oh man. Sorry about your luck.
    We had cold and some snow flurries, but nothing like that.

  • It was pretty strange…several inches by the middle of the afternoon. It melted within a few days and has been warming up every day. Today it got into the low 60s and was beautiful. I kept meaning to take a few pictures, but never had time. Maybe tomorrow.

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