Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has been spending campaign money to get his haircut and visit day spas.

How much money? Let’s check it out:

Another haircut…$400
Campaign money used for vanity…Priceless!

Didn’t Edwards learn from fellow Democrat Bill Clinton who shut down Los Angeles International Airport as he got a $200 haircut in 1993? Clinton claimed he didn’t know the airport would stop all incoming and outgoing flights while the President of the United States sat on a runway in Air Force One. Priceless.

But, here’s my question, what’s so terribly, terribly wrong with Edward’s hair that he needs to spend $400 for what looks like a $20 butch? Be sure to turn up the volume on your computer to watch the clip below! The song makes the clip truly…Priceless.

The joy I feel about never giving Edwards a dime…Priceless!

One must really doubt Edwards’ claims that eliminating poverty is the key focus of his campaign…I think his own hair is his life’s focal point. Worthless.

4 comments to Haircut…$400

  • What a girly man, the real genuine article. Now compare him to Fred Thompson and you can see who are the grown ups here.

  • ST

    (snipped for rudeness)
    John Edwards has not been “spending campaign cash on $400 hair cuts.”
    John Edwards’ campaign arranged for him to get two hair cuts to save time between campaign stops. The stylist sent the campaign two bills for $400, and the campaign paid the bills. John Edwards never saw the bills, because there are people in the campaigns that handle that kind of stuff.
    John Edwards didn’t know how much the hair cuts would cost, and he didn’t need to know.
    To imply that Edwards “consciously” made the decision to get $400 hair cuts is a bold faced lie.

  • According to the news reports, not me, Edward’s campaign financial statements show he spent $400 per haircut. Even if, as you claim, it’s $200 per cut…it’s still too much. 1) If he doesn’t know what he spent, he’s irresponsible and shouldn’t be the president of anything. 2) Campaign money should NOT be spent on pricey haircuts. 3) If this is Edward’s excuse, it sure didn’t get much, if any, press coverage. 4) The video doesn’t lie about Edward’s hair vanity. 5) $200 or $400 for that haircut still implies a problem…and not just one with vanity.

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