Star Wars: The First Time

It seems that everywhere I look on the blogosphere everyone is commenting on the first time they saw Star Wars…so I thought I’d join in…or not.

When Star Wars was first released we were in Jackson, Tennessee visiting my grandmother; the same grandmother I’ve mention twice earlier this week. I had a blast at Grandma’s house because there was girl my age and my grade who lived on the next street. My parents could barely keep me at Grandma’s long enough to greet her before I ran out of her house, through her backyard, through Julie’s backyard to her house. Julie and I played for hours on end whenever my family visited Grandma.

Unfortunately, there were no kids in the neighborhood for my brother to play with. (Being older than Julie and I, he wanted nothing to do with our play activities, except for our nightly games of Ghost in the Graveyard, etc., in the dark.) When Star Wars was released, 30 years ago, my dad took my brother as a special treat. I still remember being annoyed that just they were going; I still remember having it explained over and over that I had Julie to spend time with and my brother was bored so this was a special treat; I still remember pointing out that taking along his little sister should not have spoiled the special treat…I still remember not going with them. Can’t you tell what a special treat I was that day! ;-)

Here’s the really strange part…I remember not seeing Star Wars, I remember everybody saying it was a great movie, I remember having such high expectations that once I saw it I didn’t enjoy it as much as all my friends, I remember the Star Wars t-shirt I used to have…BUT I don’t actually remember the first time I saw Star Wars! I know, weird, strange, embarrassing; you probably won’t speak to me again. I don’t know where I saw it and I don’t know who I saw it with, except I’m sure it was at a theater. (For the record, I liked the next two movies better, but have only seen the first prequel.)

There you have it…the remembered first time I did not see Star Wars and the forgotten first time I did see it. I do own the original three movies on laserdisc, so maybe I should watch a little this weekend.

(By the by, I do remember the first time I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark, but that’s another story and another blog.)

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  • That’s a funny story! I somehow managed to save my couple of STAR WARS t-shirts after I outgrew them, and my kids have worn them…including when we took them to the reissues a few years ago…that was a kick! Once we were in a hamburger place and someone my age approached #1 Daughter with awe: “Where did you GET that shirt?” Obviously someone who remembered. LOL.
    I too remember the first time at RAIDERS — it was a sneak preview one week before the movie officially opened. We had no idea what to expect other than we knew it had “Han Solo” and John Williams music. What a wild roller coaster ride it was seeing that for the first time! Would love to hear your story on that one.

  • My Star Wars t-shirt was ruined. The pattern was silk-screened on the the t-shirt and had started to come off. When I was in junior and high school we had required gym uniforms that had to have our names silk-screened on. We were at the store getting my uniform when the owner offered to fix my Star Wars shirt. Turns out the original store hadn’t gotten all the wrinkles out when they first applied the pattern and when the second store used their better equipment…all the wrinkles were pulled out, which ripped up the silk screen pattern. They offered to give me a new shirt, but we knew it wasn’t their fault. The shirt was still wearable, it just looked a bit funny. ;-) (Actually, it didn’t last much longer either.)

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